Week #9

Monday  —  Meet at BHS; moderate distance, easy effort.
Tuesday  —  Those being considered for State; (12 boys, 12 girls), meet at East Gallatin Recreation Area.  Please bring water and recovery food.  Also bring a towel as we will stand in the water after practice.
       The bulk of the team; meet at BHS.  Moderate effort capped by some good speed.
Wednesday  —  Meet at BHS.  Premeet style workout.  TEAM DINNER.  Please all come.  This is for all runners and will be held at 6:00 at Christus Collegium Center: 714 S. 8th.
Thursday  —  HOME Meet with Butte.  Location:  Lindley Park.  Coarse:  2.5, 30% grass, 30% pavement, 40% trail.  Schedule:  4pm Girls, 4:30pm Boys. Dismissed from school at 2:45.  BE AT LINDLEY PARK BY 3:10!!!
       Starting at 5:30 pm we will have uniform check-in.  This will take place in th Hall of Fame hall, near the cross country “vault”.  If you are on the State team and/or you will be going to Regionals you do not need to turn in your uniform.  All others, PLEASE get this taken care of this night.
Friday  —  State team practice, meet at the church.
Saturday  —  TBD.

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