Week #8

Week #8
Monday  —  Meet at BHS.  Moderate effort day.
Tuesday  —  Meet at BHS.   Moderate effort day.
Wednesday  —  Meet at BHS.  Easy effort, premeet day.
Thursday  —  Capital City 7 of 7 Invitational.  We will be taking 1 bus, roughly 40 athletes to this meet.  The list of runners and the races that they will be competing in will be announced at practice on Monday.
Dismissed:  9:15.   Depart:  9:35   schedule:  J.V. Girls 12:30.  J.V. Boys  1:05   Varsity #7  1:45   Varsity #6  2:15  Varsity #5  2:45 ……  Varsity #1 4:45 ( At Bill Roberts Golf Course-2201 N. Benton Ave, Helena, MT 59601)
Friday  —  Meet at BHS.
Saturday  —  Practice for our State team.  State team will be named at the conclusion of the Capital City meet/Friday.  Practice time TBD.
Weekly Reminders/Other:   WEATHER CHANGES ARE ON THE WAY!!!  Be prepared each day for possible inclement weather.  I am trying to schedule team pictures but do have it finalized at this time.
You must not only hope for a great race, you must plan for it.  If you put in the work and you’ve been diligent about your recovery, then why not Believe?  Go to line confident.  You are Ready to do something BIG.

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  1. On Wednesday, school is an early dismissal. Is practice still at 4 or directly after school dismissal?

  2. And is there practice on Thursday for those who do not go to Helena?

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