Week #6 Workouts

Monday:  Meet at BHS at 4:00. Be prepared for a long run. (Fueled and hydrated)

Tuesday: Meet at BHS at 4:00.

Wednesday: Mountain West Group: Meet at East Gallatin Rec  area at 11:15 and remember to be awake by 8:00 to fuel up.

Wednesday: The Billings Invitaional Group meet at BHS at 4:00.

Thursday: Billings Invitational. Dismissed at 12:05 and depart at 12:30. Location: Riverfront Park. Races start at 4:00 with one boy’s race and one girl’s race. Please bring $8-10 for dinner. Estimated return time around 9pm.

Thursday: Mountain West Group meet at the church at 4:10.

Friday: Meet at BHS at 4:00.

Saturday: Mountain West Invitational in Missoula. Depart at 5:00 from BHS oval. Location: University of Montana Golf Course. Races: JV Girls 9:00, JV Boys 9:45, Varsity Boys 10:15, Varsity Girls 10:45. Mapquest use: 515 S. Ave East, Missoula, MT


1) Tee Shirt and Sweat Shirt orders are due by Wednesday end of practice.

2) Extra workouts: Level Beast 3 extra, and level 3 2 extra.

Homecoming: Any students at Mountain West who would like to ride home with parents please remember that a parent must drive you home unless pre-approved through Randy Russell. The parent of the child getting a ride must fill out a form that includes information from the driving parent. Start this preparation early!


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