Week Three Practices

Week #3

Monday  —  All runners;  meet at the LDS church (3rd and Henderson) 4:10 attendance.  Be Prepared for a Solid Workout.
First Day of School; Stay Hydrated, Stay Nourished, Start out your Academic Year with a Positive Attitude.

Tuesday  —  BRING A LOCK!  We will get you into a locker this day, but only if you have a lock.  Leaving your “stuff” out while we
are out at practice is foolishness.  Practice at BHS.

Wednesday  —  Meet at East Gallatin Rec. Area (off of Griffin Drive), 4:10 attendance.  Be prepared for a Long Run.  BRING A
Also plan to stand in the water up to hips after the run; towel?  We will not be swimming.

Thursday  —  BHS; easy run; pre-meet.   Race Uniform check-outs  —  All team.

Friday  —  RACE in Billings.  River Front Park.  Dismiss: 12:05;  Depart: 12:30.
Directions:  Interstate to S. Billings Blvd., right(S) about 1/2 mile to the park.  If you have crossed the Yellowstone River
you have gone too far.
Plan for:  Dinner.  We will go to Fuddruckers after the races.  $10 – $12 or pack a sack dinner.
Schedule of Races:  As of today (25th) I only know it starts at 4pm.  Check back for times of each race.

Those staying back in Bozeman:  Meet at East Gallatin Rec Area at 4:10.  Coach Hickman will be in charge.

Saturday  —  On your own.  1 hour of Continuous Aerobic Activity at “Easy”  Heart rate monitors for those that have them.  130 – 150
bpm.  Pick an activity that will be enjoyed both physically and mentally.


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