Weeks One and Two

Bozeman High Cross Country


Where commitment and passion get the whole thing rolling, and _______________ brings out the realization of our potential.


Week #1 Monday  — BHS @ 8:30am.  Options run.

Tuesday  — BHS @ 8:30am.  4 mile CAR with Casey Jermyn.

Optional 2nd run @ LDS church @ 7:30, off of S. 3rd and Henderson.  (This practice should be attended only by those who have been extremely consistent in their training for the past 4 weeks.)

Wednesday — BHS @ 8:30am.  Options run.

Thursday  — BHS @ 8:30am.

Optional 2nd run @ MSU track@ 7:30.  This practice could be attended by all runners.  We will do a bit of speed development work.

Friday  — BHS @ 8:30am.  Options run.

Saturday  — On own.  20 – 30 minute CAR, followed by 30 – 60 minutes of active recreation.  Ultimate. bike ride, rock climb, etc…

Week #2 Monday  — Meet @ Bozeman Creek Trailhead @ 4:00.  Long run 40-60-80.

Tuesday  — BHS @ 4:00.  Something fun.

Wednesday  — Meet @ the Church @ 4:00.  Challenging day.

Thursday  — Meet @ Lindley Park @ 4:00.  Time trial preview.

Friday  — Lindley Park @ 4:00.  TIME TRIAL.  Family barbeque to follow.

Saturday  — “Run with the Hawks” @ Lindley Park @ 9:00am.


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