Summary of Parent Meeting on August 15th

Summary of the Parent’s meeting August 15, 2011

Coach May enthusiastically explained the expectations of the upcoming Hawk Cross Country Season.

He has recently hired a new assistant coach, Athlene Heap, and continues to have Steve Hickman as an assistant as well.  One more assistant will be added after a few more interviews are conducted and solidified.

Joe, a current Hawk runner there, was quizzed about what one-word attributes the Seniors had mentioned about the program earlier at the first practice; crazy, hardworking, friendships, and FUN were a few remembered!  Coach May discussed his expectations of: attendance—explaining that the kids have 2 flex days, they can miss for whatever reason and have it not affect their standing on the team, but if they miss a day and not use it as a flex day, they miss the next meet. Other expectations included attitude, work ethic-race effort, being prepared and on time, but most importantly is being a class act—being grateful; exhibit proper language, dressing for success, taking care of academics–it boils down to character.

There is a website for the team that Nancy Creel will be in charge of so if you have anything to add or questions about it you can email her at  The website is .  It gives the schedule for the week, upcoming meets, carpooling, photos, etc.

For this week Coach will be having Casey Jermyn (pronounced Jer-maine), owner of Bozeman Running Company,  coming on Tuesdays practice to explain shoe wear and its importance.  Coach emphasized the value of this critical investment.  There will also be a spike night on Thursday 6p at Bozeman Running Company, 448 E Main St # 1A.  This is an opportunity for your child to possibly get an inexpensive pair of spikes, hang out with friends, and enjoy a root beer float!

Practices are daily at 8:30-10ish a.m.  There are optional runs on Tuesday and Thursday this week at 7:30p.  Tuesday night is at the LDS Church located at 2915 Colter Avenue; and Thursdays practice is at the MSU track.  Saturday practice is on their own.

Next week will be the time trial at Lindley Park at 4p.  There will be a family barbecue afterwards.  On Saturday August 27th, 10am at Lindley Park there is a fundraiser, “Run with the Hawks.”  An opportunity to see if our community can make the varsity cut!!  Also an opportunity to raise money for the club account to help with cost of trips, apparel, etc.  There will also be a raffle in connection with the race.  All are invited—cost is $20 for first family member, and each additional family member is $5.  Should be fun.

A parent reminded Coach of the importance of ferritin levels, a protein that stores iron within cells.  Last year 6 runners noticed that they could run for awhile and feel just fine, but then it was like a backpack of rocks was thrown on their backs and no matter how hard they pushed, they hit a wall.  It was learned that you can get a blood test for anemia, but to check ferritin levels, you need to request the test and it can take a couple of days; it just doesn’t automatically show up.  Increasing iron intake is of great importance, whether it be through a meat source, or green leafy vegetables, Blackstrap molasses—go online and find sources of iron.  Also some parents have used prenatal vitamins for their daughters.

Teresa Wilhelm closed the meeting nicely by reminding parents that this sport was about fellowship; a chance for kids to have fun, be fit, yet most importantly for kids to have friends with a similar interest.

There were sign up sheets for a couple of dinners to be held, fun run help, time trial treats, home meet helpers, etc.


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  1. Cindy Bradshaw

    This looks great! Thanks for putting the sight together. I already missed a meeting but feel up to date by reading your letter.
    Cindy Bradshaw

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