Week 3 Workout Schedule

Time trial is in the books, school is starting, and competition is on the horizon. Week #3 is always exciting and challenging at the same time. It’s time to find the reality of routine, yet it can seem a bit overwhelming. We will work towards making the transition one to look forward to.

Monday — Labor Day. Meet at the LDS church at 6pm. Bring a watch. This run will be a CAR (continuous aerobic run) run. Practice should end by 7:15.

Tuesday — Meet at BHS, 3:56pm. This will be our main (most challenging) workout of the week. Be prepared for the effort.

Wednesday — Meet at BHS, 3:56pm. Light effort day.

Thursday — Meet at BHS, 3:56pm.

Friday/Saturday — Look to meet schedule, as well as stay tuned for more direction.

Meet Information for Helena Sept 5th and Soda Springs on Sept 6th

Two meets coming up this weekend: September 5, 6

Carroll College Early Bird Invite. Helena MT. Friday, September 5. Bill Roberts Golf Course (near Carroll College). Boys: 9:30am. Girls: 10:10am. Bus leaves BHS (oval parking lot) at 6:45 am.
This meet will be attended by most of our Junior Varsity runners. Participation in the time trial was the first of 3 criteria to make the bus for either competition, but “Yes” even this smaller meet. The Early Bird Invite is small (in the number of teams who compete), yet the course is the same lay-out used for State meets in recent years. It gives good variety of terrain, (rolling hills on short cut grass) with typically great footing. Last year Bozeman averaged about 18-20 seconds of improvement per runner over the time trial. Some runners improved by over 30 seconds. Those attending will be made known at practice on Monday evening, 6pm and then reiterated Tuesday at practice.

Here’s the address: 

Bill Roberts Golf Course
2201 N Benton Ave
Helena, MT 59601

Cardinal Classic. Soda Springs, Idaho. Saturday, September 6. Kelly Park Ski Trails. JV Girls: 10:30, JV Boys: 11:10, Varsity Boys: 12:00, Varsity Girls: 12:40. Bus leaves BHS (oval parking lot) at 10:40 am, FRIDAY, Sept. 5. Students are to attend classes through 10:10 am. We will be staying overnight in Pocatello Idaho at the Best Western 208-237-7650.
This meet will be attended by our top 12 runners from the time trial who made eligibilty from number of practices. This meet is a large meet with roughly 30 teams in attendance. The competition ranges from large Idaho schools to small Wyoming teams. The course is unique in that a little over 50% of the course winds through juniper forest, lava fields on packed silica. (Most of Montana’s courses are 80% (or more) grass surfaces. Additionally, runners will have to hurdle over two sets of log barriers. It looks to be a great place to race. We will return to Bozeman Saturday evening.

Here is a link to some meet details for Soda Springs: http://www.athletic.net/CrossCountry/Results/Meet.aspx?Meet=91120#Meet

We have a ShutterFly site for Photos

Just a reminder to parents and friends taking photos at meets that we have a shutterfly site linked on our webpage where we can share photos. I took a limited number at the Time Trial last night and a few more today. The site is https://bozemanxc.shutterfly.com/ and the password is xc.




Pre-season article in the Chronicle

Pre-Season Article in the Bozeman Daily Chronicle.

Pre-season article in the Chronicle

Pre-Season Article in the Bozeman Daily Chronicle.

Spike Night August 27th 6-7pm


August 27, 6pm-7pm. Bozeman Running Company, downtown Bozeman.

All shoes and racing spikes will be marked at 15% off. Lots of quality help/advice. Enjoy a piece of pizza and Gatorade.

Week of the “Time Trial”

Beautiful job through Week #1. Keep up the work ethic and the positive attitude and forward thinking. I was very pleased with our opening week.

Monday — Meet at BHS, 8:30am. This will be a moderate/easy workout.
Discussion topics include: Team Captains, Travel Rosters for the first meet(s).

Tuesday — Meet at Sourdough Canyon Trailhead (also known as Bozeman Creek), 8:30am. This will be a challenging long run day. PLEASE bring watch and water.

Wednesday — THE BIG SWITCH — 4:00pm. Meet at BHS. Moderate/easy run.

Thursday — Meet at LDS Church (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints), corner of Colter and Henderson, 4:00pm. This will be our time trial course preview.

Friday — Meet at LDS church, 4:00pm. TIME TRIAL. For parents wanting to come in support of the team, be at the church at about 4:25; you can watch the kids at the .75 mile mark and then again at the finish.

Saturday — Meet at Lindley Park, 9:30am. Run With the Hawks. Community Fun Run Fundraiser. This meeting counts towards your 12 practice days.


Fundraising Money: To be turned in by Wednesday, 4:00pm practice.
Picture Order Forms: Also to be turned in by Wednesday.

It’s Officially started! Week of August 18th

It’s here. Cross Country 2014! I am very much looking forward to finally coming together as a whole team. New faces, veterans, great meet schedule, no smoke in the air,…. Monday morning here we come. While some practices may conclude before 10:15, PLAN ON 10:15 ending time.

Monday — Meet at BHS, 8:30. We will cover much of what to expect, general routine, and introduction of coaches. Be prepared for a run; shoes, shorts, shirt for the conditions. Options Run.

Tuesday — Meet at BHS, 8:30. Whole team run.
Summer training group: You will also have an evening session at the LDS church, 7:30pm

Wednesday — Meet in the small, unnamed park just north of Kagy Korner Store, 8:30. (If you get to Kagy Korner Store, you are within 100 yards of our meeting place.) Kagy Korner Rollers. 3 options this day.

Thursday — Meet at BHS, 8:30. Options Run.
Summer training group: You will also have an evening session at the MSU track, 7:30pm

Friday — Level 1 Runners, meet at Drinking Horse Parking Lot, 8:30.
Level 2, 3, 4 Runners, meet at Lindley Park, 8:30. Lindley Hills.

Saturday — On your own. Guidelines will be given in the week as to what would appropriate for this day.

Sports Participation Booklets: Must be complete in order to practice!

Week of August 11th

This week:
Tuesday: Meet at the LDS church. Remember you can come at either 7am or 7:30 pm. Not a GRIT run, Not an easy run, NOT a Tempo run, come and see…..

WEDNESDAY: PARENTS: Meeting at 6pm, BHS Main gym. Part #1 Randy Russell (Activities Director) Part#2 Me (Clint May). I’m hoping to lay out the fall schedule, who goes where, program expectations, answer questions.

Thursday: GIRLS: Meet at the MSU track at 7am. Bakers Dozen. Challenging workout, looking for at least 14 girls. Come, lets make it a great morning.
BOYS: Meet at the small community park behind Target (basketball court on Cattail St.). “It’s Our Time”. Challenging workout, looking for at least 18 boys. Let’s make it a great evening.

Friday – Sunday: On your Own.

Monday — August 18. OFFICIAL PRACTICE BEGINS. 8:30 am, meet at the main street entrance to BHS. Have all of your paperwork turned in. (Any questions about paperwork, call Patty in Activities at 522-6237.)

Alumni Reports

This year I find myself in the twilight zone between HS and College. As I’ve followed the high school team through the years I find myself occasionally bumping into results of former Hawks in various places. Todays link was a little more obvious–especially to me.  NC

Bridger Ridge Run 2014


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